The world becomes Richer Clearer Funnier Irenical Kinder Better Sweeter when we understand each other

We do most things when it comes to interpretation & translation, for example:

Law firms, banks, legal departments, insurance companies and private individuals use Linguacom for translations of legal texts, agreements, judgments, appeals, certificates and insurances. 

Do you have a feeling that your content contains errors or inconsistencies? We can rewrite, correct and update. We make sure that your content suits your intended target group and context.

All professional translators in the field of economics have experience, competence and often an extensive financial education. 

Do you need interpreting services at short notice? The new Express Interpreter service guarantees a telephone interpreter with the right skills within an hour.

If you need an interpreter in court, for a whole day or between two parties in a meeting. An on-site interpreter facilitates communication on location.

Do you need to translate software, guidelines, documentation for apps, handbooks or websites? Our translators are experienced in finding the right words for your specific sector.

Telephone interpretation is a smooth, secure and green choice. The telephone interpreters at Linguacom have a duty of confidentiality and work in accordance with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce's interpreting rules.

Some of our customers

Interpreter podcast

Tolkpodden (Interpreter podcast) addresses important topics and issues related to the language industry. We invite people who are active and have experience of the industry to participate in each segment. Together, we deep dive and share thoughts and ideas about the past, the present and the future. We use the podcast to initiate talks and discussions that are completely new in the language industry!

Click the Tolkpodden website to listen!

Tolkpodden - Konferenstolk och telefontolk - Boka tolk online
Telefontolk och konferenstolk - Linguacom översättningsbyrå

Providing interpreting and translation services with you

Are you looking for an interpreting and translation agency that puts a premium on dialogue, collaboration and quality?
Then you have come to the right place. The employees at Linguacom are solution-driven and have extensive knowledge of cultural differences. We appoint interpreters and translators in 99 cases out of 100, and we do everything to ensure that you get the interpreter or translator you want. We add assignments as soon as possible and you can follow your assignment via the web, email or by calling. In our team, we have authorized interpreters who have undergone a qualified vocational test.

Our interpreter and translation agency offers various interpreters and services in translation. We offer Conference interpreter, phone intepreter and authorized interpreters within other areas. We offer interpreters and translations in more than 250 different languages ​​and dialects. 

You can easily book an interpreter online here on the site or contact us with questions.