ID för tolk

Freelance as an interpreter for Linguacom

Do you want to contribute to a multi-cultural society and help people to understand each other? Are you responsible and can you work independently? Freelance interpreters are welcome to submit their applications here. Read more!

Det är både spännande och viktigt att arbeta som tolk, oavsett om du vill arbeta heltid eller kombinera det med annan sysselsättning. Våra kunder är bland annat kommuner, landsting, polis, domstolar, andra myndigheter och privata företag.

Working as an interpreter is both an exciting and important job, regardless of whether you want to work fulltime or combine it with another occupation. Our client base includes municipalities, regions, the police, courts, other government agencies and private companies.

As a freelance interpreter working with Linguacom, you are assigned jobs as needed. Depending on your language combination, you can work a few hours or the equivalent of a full-time job. Your salary varies depending on the assignment and your interpreting qualifications.

Five steps: For freelance interpreters, our recruitment process looks like this:

1. Submit your application (below).

2. You will be contacted for an interview, either on location, over the phone or via Skype. We do require references.

3. If you advance in the process, you will be required to sign a collaboration agreement and confidentiality agreement.

4. We will register you as an interpreter at Linguacom – and look forward to assigning you jobs for Linguacom’s customers.

5. We decide a date for a joint follow-up meeting.

Does this sound interesting? Please contact and we’ll be in touch shortly.