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Conference interpreter

Do you need a conference interpreter? Our conference and business interpretations are tailored to your specific needs.

Conference interpreter

You are planning a conference or seminar and need interpreters. Linguacom is committed to the principles of dialogue, collaboration and quality. What that means is that we customise conference and business interpreting assignments to suit your needs. Looking for a tailored solution? Read more and contact Linguacom’s Customer Service.

Conference interpreting is exciting. It demands that the interpreters have a specific expertise – and usually, special technical equipment. That’s why we partner primarily with the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC). Linguacom also has a strong network of qualified conference interpreters. For us, matching the right interpreter with the right client and event is important.

Four tips for successful conference interpreting

  • Prepare the conference interpreting assignment. Give the staff at Linguacom and the interpreter as much information about your conference as possible. Doing so raises the quality of the interpretation to a different level.
  • If you require simultaneous interpreting, we recommend booking two to three interpreters who can alternate.
  • If an interpreting assignment is for more than three hours, and if it is complex or contains several passive languages, you will need to book more than three interpreters.
  • One interpreter is usually sufficient for consecutive business interpreting.

Linguacom normally invoices conference interpreting assignments per day. If the assignment is short, we can reduce the day fee.

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