Linguacom stands for quality

Quality, service and follow-up. At Linguacom interpreting & translation agency, we have thirty years of combined experience - and we know that quality, service and follow-up are important for you as a customer to feel trust and get satisfied.

Linguacom and quality go hand in hand

Linguacom is committed to the principles of dialogue, collaboration and quality. That means that you, our customer, are always welcome to get in touch and share your opinions. We use every response we get to improve our service to you and the work environment for the language consultants at Linguacom.

How we work at Linguacom

  • We contract external auditors from independent bodies that audit our operations and assure quality.
  • We measure customer satisfaction through regular CSI surveys.
  • We accept comments and opinions from customers, partners and employees – a key component in the ongoing quality development of Linguacom’s services.
  • We are certified in accordance with FR2000 Business Management. Certification includes the requirement for an integrated management system for quality, environment, competence enhancement, health and safety.
  • We follow defined processes, clear guidelines and the procedures laid down by Tolkservicerådet (TSR), a council for interpreting services.
  • We adhere to TSR's good interpreter service practices in our daily activities.

Do you have comments or opinions you’d like to share?

Contact customer-service. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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