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Translation to braille

Linguacom’s translation agency translates all types of documents. So naturally, we also translate to braille.

A tactile writing system, braille is used by people who are visually impaired that they read by touch.

If you need help translating documents to braille, Linguacom’s translation agency can help. Our broad network includes experienced and trained co-workers who translate to braille. 

We translate all types of documents, such as documents from government agencies and contracts.

Want to know more about translations to braille?

Om du har frågor eller vill beställa en översättning till punktskrift, ring 010 178 36 15 och prata med en översättningsförmedlare eller skicka e-mail.

Do you need other translation services?

Have a look and discover what Linguacom’s translation agency has to offer in terms of translation. 

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