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Reference cases

We’re ready when you need us!

Examples of situations where we can help:

The police called Linguacom early Sunday morning. A person is suspected of a serious crime and needs an interpreter immediately. But the police aren’t sure about the suspect’s dialect. The interpreter coordinator at Linguacom consults with the police and soon understands which dialect the suspect speaks. Within a few minutes, the police are in contact with an over-the-phone interpreter who has the right skills.

We interpret in sensitive situations

Social Services needs an interpreter for a meeting with a child. The interpreter coordinator assigns the job to an interpreter who has specific training in talking with children. The interpreter also has many years’ experience working with Social Services and is familiar with the necessary terminology.

We work with high security

A school contacts us via our website’s chat feature and instantly gets in touch with an interpreter coordinator.
We’re told that the school has already commissioned an over-the-phone interpreter from another agency, but that the dynamics in the meeting were difficult. The coordinator at Linguacom books an interpreter who has a video conference with the school. Before joining, the interpreter verifies themself using electronic Mobile BankID via Linguacom’s encrypted
video conference service for the customer’s security.

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