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Hire a translator?

Why should you choose Linguacom instead of another translation agency?

At Linguacom, we take you, deliveries, our consultants and our job extremely seriously. That’s one reason why many of Sweden’s government agencies and private companies use us for their translations.

Another is that we can quickly assign the right translator to the right assignment, deliver quickly and on the agreed date.

We care

Linguacom’s concept is pretty basic. We care about our customers and our translators – they’re the stars of our business – and we care about the results. To make sure that we do our jobs well, we have dedicated, trained translation coordinators who have worked in the industry for a long time. Our translation coordinators can answer any question you have. Give us a try!

One point of contact, from beginning to end

When you place an order for a translation, you will be assigned a contact who will manage the entire process and continuously update you, from beginning to end. This minimises the risk of errors, misunderstandings and delays, thus making the process considerably smoother.

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Translators with broad and specialised knowhow

But above all: the translators. The ones we work with have both broad and specialist knowledge. They can deal with everything from government documents to legal documents and patient information leaflets. We also take good care of the relationships we cultivate with our translators. Our relationships are often long lasting – truly talented and multi-skilled translators do not grow on trees.

Working in tandem, we make sure that we deliver your translation on time as agreed.

1,000 translators and about 200 languages

Our network consists of 1,000 translators proficient in about 200 languages. Is that necessary? The simple answer is Yes.
We notice that there is an enormous and growing need for translation skills, which means that we need a huge network. If you need a patient information leaflet for medicine translated to Arabic – rest assured, that we have that expertise. Or if you want the material translated into 199 other languages, then we’ll get right on it and start searching through our network.

24/7 access

Our complete focus is on you, our customer. You can contact Linguacom for all types of translations.

It’s easy to reach us in a way that works best for you. You can reach us on the phone or use our chat feature. You can place an order online – or call one of Linguacom’s translation coordinators.

All channels to Linguacom are open. We are accessible and flexible. We’re also open 24/7, 365 days a year.

We look forward to hearing from you!