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App for interpreters

It should be easy to work with each other at Linguacom. That’s why we use the TAQS (OA-Data) App.

App for interpreters!

What’s the easiest way to contact and update each other? The answer is an app.

Linguacom has an app for interpreters. We use it to communicate directly, securely and conveniently with each other. The app is called TAQS (OA-Data) and you can download it free of charge at App Store or Google Play Store.

How the Linguacom app for interpreters works

  • Log in using the same username and password as on Linguacom’s web portal.
  • Your booking requests appear in the app.
  • You reply to your requests here.
  • You can see your schedule.
  • You report your assignments directly in the app.

Do you have questions or trouble logging in?

Call Customer Service at +46 8 410 963 00. The Interpreter Coordinators at Linguacom will help!

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