Our interpreters

What do you want in an interpreter? Here at Linguacom, we’re interested in what you have to say. Customer Service will help you to find the right interpreter for the right assignment. Read more!

Our interpretation services

Express Interpreter

Do you need interpreting services at short notice? The new Express Interpreter service guarantees a telephone interpreter with the right skills within an hour.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting

Telephone interpretation is a smooth, secure and green choice. The telephone interpreters at Linguacom have a duty of confidentiality and work in accordance with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce's interpreting rules.

Sign language interpreters

Do you need a sign language interpreter, deafblind interpreter or speech to text interpreter? Linguacom translation agency has a wide network and professional partners who find the right interpreter for the right situation

On-site interpreter

If you need an interpreter in court, for a whole day or between two parties in a meeting. An on-site interpreter facilitates communication on location.

Conference interpreter

You are planning a conference and need interpreters. We arrange conference interpreters for your meeting. At Linguacom, we work according to the key words dialogue, cooperation and quality.

Video interpreter

The service is perfect for remote conferences – even the more complicated ones. Interpreters identify themselves using Mobile BankID to guarantee secure calls.

We have authorized interpreters

When you search for an interpreter at Linguacom, you can be sure that we are listening carefully. It may turn out that you have completely different wishes than the ones we normally prioritize. But dare to ask! We make sure to arrange the interpreter you want. In our team, we have authorized interpreters, which means that they have completed a qualified vocational test. 

These are our normal priorities

  1. Authorised interpreter specialising in fields such as legal interpreting and healthcare interpreting.
  2. Authorised interpreter.
  3. Interpreter with basic interpretation training.

All interpreters at Linguacom have completed Tolkservicerådet’s knowledge and aptitude test..

Do you want to book an interpreter? Do this

  • Customer Service will help you to find the right interpreter for the right assignment. Call +46 8 410 963 00 or send an e-mail
Vi erbjuder auktoriserad tolk, telefontolk och konferenstolk på vår översättningsbyrå