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Linguacom’s translation agency has a broad network of translators proficient in about 200 languages and dialects. Are you looking for a translation agency that offers expertise, superior service and translations delivered on time? Then start here.

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No one knows for sure how many languages are spoken in the world. But usually estimates land between 6,000 and 7,000 languages. Linguacom’s translation agency can’t handle quite that many languages, but we are proficient in about 200 languages and dialects. This is possible since we have a global network of about 2,000 translators and authorised translators.

Secure and reliable

Linguacom’s translation agency has been active in the language industry for a long time. When you work with us, you can feel confident and safe.

  • We follow the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency’s good translator practices and translator regulations.
  • We handle your material in accordance with set procedures to ensure security and confidentiality.
  • Our team of translators includes authorised translators. This is a protected professional title that requires that the translator has passed an advanced exam arranged by the Agency. The translator must also undergo a background check. Only once all the tests have been approved is the translator granted authorisation as a translator. An authorised translator is bound by the professional rules of confidentiality prescribed by law.
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Do you need advice or would you like to order a translation?

Call customer service on 08-410 963 00 or send an e-mail to The translation agents at Linguacom will help you further. If you have special wishes and requirements for your translation, we make sure that they are met. We accept virtually all electronic formats.

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Linguacom’s translation agency has the knowhow and the capacity to translate a variety of documents. We translate everything from medical journals, counselling templates and questionnaires to summons and legal documents. Our list of translation assignments also includes certificates and diplomas, marketing material and campaigns. We translate audio and video files and transcribe the text.

When you need an authorised translator to translate your document, stamp it and verify that the translation is the equivalent of the original document.

A professional translation is done by a translator who often specialises in a specific field. Linguacom’s professional translators have experience from a range of fields. Read more to find what you’re looking for.

Legal documents

Law firms, banks, legal departments, insurance companies and private individuals use Linguacom to translate legal documents, contracts, court judgments, appeals, certificates and insurance policies. The translators at Linguacom are qualified in each legal field and deal with the often complicated terminology. Many translators have additional expertise in law and experience about the relevant country’s legal system and authorities.

These translations are usually done by an authorised translator. An authorised translator is bound by the professional rules of confidentiality prescribed by law. Linguacom’s translation agency can help authorise your translation, get an apostille or certify it through a notary. We ensure that the document retains its graphic layout.

Medical documents

Many professional translators are specialised medical translators. We translate websites, patient information leaflets, lab reports, presentation material and analyses.

Economy and finance

All professional translators in the field of finance have experience, skills and usually, extensive education in economy and finance. We translate within the fields of finance and audits, annual financial statements, annual reports, year-end reports and budgets.

IT documents and websites

Do you need to translate software, guidelines, documentation for apps, handbooks or websites? Our translators are experienced in finding the right words for your specific sector.

Do you have a feeling that your content contains errors or inconsistencies? We can rewrite, correct and update. We make sure that your content suits your intended target group and context.

Do you have recordings that you need written down? Linguacom’s translation agency can handle transcriptions, which is the conversion of audio into text. We use term lists and guidelines, and ensure that the terminology is consistent. Our translators can provide transcriptions for basically all languages. If you need a translation, we can do that too.

We transcribe all standard audio and video formats, and deliver the transcription in the format of your choice.

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